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Ripples 珍珠飾物|水晶頸鏈|淡水珍珠|14包金珍珠頸鏈

Natural crystal exudes charming light✨

. You are so dazzling in my eyes.

Moon stone. the moon represents my heart

Lepidolite. Romantic pink and purple

Labradorite. moonlight in the night

Ripples 水晶飾物|水晶頸鏈|水晶頸繩|拉長石頸鏈|拉長石頸繩Ripples 水晶飾物|水晶頸鏈|水晶頸繩|拉長石頸鏈|拉長石頸繩
Ripples 水晶飾物|水晶頸鏈|水晶頸繩|月亮石頸鏈|月亮石頸繩|月光石Ripples 水晶飾物|水晶頸鏈|水晶頸繩|月亮石頸鏈|月亮石頸繩|月光石
Ripples 水晶飾物|水晶頸鏈|水晶頸繩|月亮石頸鏈|紅紋石頸繩|月光石|紅紋石Ripples 水晶飾物|水晶頸鏈|水晶頸繩|月亮石頸鏈|紅紋石頸繩|月光石|紅紋石

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