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粉晶|鋰雲母|草莓晶 Rose Quartz Jewelry|Lepidolite Jewelry|頸鏈.手鏈.耳環.戒指

Rose Quartz|Lepidolite|Strawberry Quartz Rose Quartz Jewelry|Lepidolite Jewelry|Necklace. Bracelet. earrings. ring

Rose Quartz, which belongs to the hexagonal crystal system, mainly develops the heart chakra, and is a famous love crystal. The charming pink light emitted by rose quartz softens people's temperament and makes people feel happy and warm.  Recommended link: Detailed effects of rose quartz 

Lepidolite has a plate crystal and scale-like structure, which is like an orderly arrangement of fish scales, so its name has the Greek word "epidos" meaning "scales". This multi-layered and scaly structure makes lepidolite emit a violet metallic luster under light, like dozens of purple-silver white thin layers pressed together, very delicate and beautiful.  Recommended link: Detailed effects of lepidolite  

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