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Opal/Opal Opal

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Opal/Opal Opal | Opal introduction and opal effects | Opal introduction and opal effects

What is Opal ?

Opal, also known as opal, is a symbol of luck. It has a smooth and brilliant appearance. Its beautiful and charming changing colors are amazing. It is gorgeous, luxurious and charming. Opal is mainly produced in Australia and has been designated as a national gemstone by Australia. It is a precious gemstone of great value.

Opal/ opal efficacy

Wearing Opal/Opal can have the following effects: 

Improve creative abilities

Opal deals with the crown chakra, which can stimulate inspiration and imagination and enhance creative/ creative abilities . It is especially suitable for people engaged in art or entrepreneurship.

Promote insight

Opal can give us another perspective and insight on things and enhance our understanding of things. At the same time, it also allows us to enhance our ability to observe and understand problems, to be objective and stable when balancing problems, and to improve our leadership.

bring hope

Opal helps us regulate our mood, resolve anxiety and irritability, and make people feel peaceful and calm. When we suffer misfortune or feel uneasy, the colorful light of opal can bring us more hope, bring us happiness and luck, and allow us to start over.

Improve popularity

Opal makes us socially active, improves our social skills, and enables us to communicate broadly. Opal helps exude noble temperament, enhances affinity and promotes popularity.
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