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▎Accessories maintenance tips▎

Our store uses high-quality materials to make the accessories. As long as they are properly maintained, the accessories can maintain their perfect luster for a long time.

The following will point out the three major maintenance factors, and also recommend some good habits for wearing accessories, making it easier for you to maintain the original appearance of your accessories for a long time.

In terms of accessories cleaning methods, different accessories materials need to be maintained with corresponding cleaning methods to maintain perfect luster for a long time.

They will be introduced one by one below.

Material introduction Crystal introduction

Three factors to maintain gloss durability

1. Avoid contact with chemicals

Avoid direct contact with chemical products including perfume, sunscreen, hair spray, lotion, etc.

2. Regular cleaning

Wipe it with a semi-moist soft cloth or glasses cloth after each wearing, and perform deep cleaning regularly (except for pearls and opal jewelry).

3. Proper storage

It is recommended to store jewelry in separate sealed bags or jewelry boxes. Avoid placing it in a humid environment for a long time.

Avoid exposure to chemicals

For example, perfume, sunscreen/cosmetics/skin care products, pool water/sea water/hot spring water, shampoo/shower gel, sweat, human hormones, etc.

Good jewelry wearing habits

Developing some good jewelry-wearing habits can make it easier for you to keep your jewelry looking pristine for a long time.

Wearing accessories becomes the last step of dressing up

It is recommended to take off jewelry before applying sunscreen lotion/spray perfume, etc., or develop the habit of wearing jewelry last before going out, which can effectively avoid contact between jewelry and chemicals.

Take off jewelry before exercising

Avoid excessive sweat and various components released by the human body, which may cause chemical reactions in the jewelry.

Water sports/remove jewelry before bathing

Swimming pool water, beach seawater and hot spring water will directly and seriously damage the accessories.

If you don't know the ingredients in your shampoo and shower gel, it's recommended to remove your jewelry before showering. Natural soap would be a better choice for accessories.

Separate dry storage

Avoid placing it with hard objects such as diamonds and keys.

After taking off your jewelry every day, put the jewelry into a pouch or small jewelry box before putting it in your handbag.

After cleaning, make sure it is dry before storing the ornaments in separate sealed bags.

Various accessories cleaning methods

Different accessories are recommended to use different cleaning methods to maintain their perfect luster for a long time.

▎Crystal gold/sterling silver jewelry

Daily maintenance: After wearing, you can wipe it with a semi-moist soft cloth or glasses cloth, make sure it is completely dry and store it independently.

Deep cleaning (except Opal crystal): If the jewelry is stained with a lot of sweat or chemical products, you can scrub it carefully with a soft toothbrush and natural mild soap foam, and then rinse with water. Then dry the ornaments as quickly as possible, making sure they are completely dry before storing them separately.

Purifying Crystal: Crystal pendants can be placed on clusters or broken crystals. Avoid sunlight exposure or water immersion.

▎Pearl jewelry

After each wearing, please wipe it carefully with a semi-moistened soft cloth or glasses cloth, and store it independently after ensuring it is completely dry. It is not recommended to wash the entire pearl jewelry with water.

▎Crystal wax thread ornaments

Maintenance of wax thread ornaments is very simple, just avoid getting wet frequently. If it is stained, wash it gently with clean water. Do not scrub or wash it frequently.

Purifying Crystal: Crystal pendants can be placed on clusters or broken crystals. Avoid sunlight exposure or water immersion.

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