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Green Phantom Green Phantom | Green Phantom introduction and Green Phantom effects

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green ghost Green Phantom  Introduction to Green Ghost and its effects

What is Green Phantom?

Ghost crystal refers to a white crystal containing volcanic mud and other minerals of single or multiple colors, which can appear in different natural and unique shapes such as clouds, water plants or pyramids. Ghost crystals are named according to the color of their inclusions, while green ghost refers to a single green inclusion mineral . 

Green ghost effect 

Wearing Green Ghost can have the following effects: 

Bring good fortune and luck to noble people 

The Green Ghost is also known as the Ghost God of Wealth. It has a very good wealth-attracting effect. It can increase the concentration of wealth , attract good wealth, and get help from noble people . 

Help the cause 

Green ghost encourages self-motivation, promotes career breakthroughs, and achieves career promotion and success . 

Improve cardiopulmonary function 

The green ghost corresponds to the heart chakra of the human body and has a healing energy effect on the heart and lungs . 

Ease the mood 

Green Ghost helps stabilize and treat emotions, including bad temper, nervousness, insomnia, stress, and calms restless emotions . 

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