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拉長石飾物 Labradorite Jewelry|拉長石頸鏈.手鏈.耳環

Labradorite Jewelry|Labradorite Necklace. Bracelet. earrings

Labradorite is named after Labrador, Canada , where it was first discovered . Labradorite belongs to the triclinic crystal system and is a collection of crystalline minerals of various elements. It will cause interference and diffraction of light. That is, when the angle of illumination is changed against the light, it will refract a halo of color, like a satin-like brilliant spectrum. , so it is called "spectral stone". In Indian culture, labradorite symbolizes the blessing of the goddess.

Labradorite effect

The benefits of wearing labradorite include: enhance insight , Strengthen the mind , Healing wounds , Relieve fatigue . Recommended link: More detailed effects of labradorite 

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