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海藍寶|藍玉髓|海紋石 Aquamarine Jewelry|Blue Chalcedony Jewelry|Larimar Jewelry|頸鏈.手鏈.耳環.戒指

Aquamarine | Blue Chalcedony | Aquamarine Jewelry | Blue Chalcedony Jewelry | Larimar Jewelry | Necklace. Bracelet. earrings. ring

Aquamarine belongs to the hexagonal crystal system, which expands energy, and its transparent blue color is like sea water. The English name combines aqua ( water ) and marine ( ocean ) , symbolizing the energy of the ocean. It has been said since ancient times that aquamarine can protect workers at sea and ensure a safe journey for travelers.  Recommended link: Aquamarine detailed functions 

Blue Chalcedony, also known as amethyst, is blue due to the copper content. The color depth of different blue chalcedony will be different due to the copper content. Blue chalcedony is light blue in color, has a warm texture and elegant color, and is widely loved. The color is deep and bright, the texture is clear and transparent, and it has collection value.  Recommended link: Detailed effects of blue chalcedony 

Larimar stone, also known as Larimar stone, has ocean-like blue, blue-green and white shapes. It is like waves blooming on the sea. It is very beautiful, so it is called "Larimar stone". This precious, semi-precious blue sodalite is produced in very rare quantities.  Recommended link: Detailed effects of sea grain stone 

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