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Lepidolite | Lepidolite introduction and effects of lepidolite

What is Lepidolite ?

Lepidolite has a plate crystal and scale-like structure, which is like an orderly arrangement of fish scales, so its name has the Greek word " epidos " meaning "scales". This multi-layered and scaly structure makes lepidolite emit a violet metallic luster under light , like dozens of purple-silver white thin layers pressed together, very delicate and beautiful. 

Efficacy of Lepidolite 

Improve creative abilities 

Lepidolite responds to the crown chakra , which can stimulate inspiration and imagination and enhance creative/creative abilities. It is especially suitable for those engaged in art or entrepreneurship. 

Promote insight 

Lepidolite can give us new views and insights on things and enhance our understanding of things. At the same time, it helps to enhance the ability of observation and insight into problems , to be objective and stable when balancing problems, and to improve leadership . 

Helps regulate mood 

The gentle and stable energy of Lepidolite can integrate the mind and soul, relieve anxiety, and then create a sense of tranquility and calmness, relieve our tension, help us regulate our mood, and make people feel peaceful and calm . 

Enhance popularity and love 

Lepidolite exudes a gentle and attractive violet light, and is known as the stone of love, helping to improve interpersonal relationships, increase popularity, and business relationships. Purple mica can soften our temperament, enhance our charm and attractiveness, thereby improving our luck with the opposite sex and love relationships. 

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