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Dumortierite / Blue Rutilated Quartz|Introduction to Dumortierite and its effects

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Dumortierite/Blue Rutile Quartz| Introduction to Dumortierite and Blue Rutile Quartz Introduction to Blue Rutile Quartz and Effects of Blue Rutile Quartz

What is Dumortierite/Blue Rutile Quartz?

Blue line stone is very rare. The color of the hair line is sky blue to dark blue, like countless crystal pillars wrapped in pure white crystal. Blue lineite belongs to the orthorhombic crystal system and is an aluminum-rich spar formed in coarse-grained acidic igneous rocks. Blue lineite is usually found in rock formations near water, so it is also called "solidified water".

Blue line stone effect

Wearing blue line stone can have the following effects: 

Strengthen communication and expression skills

The blue line stone corresponds to the throat chakra, which represents a person's communication, expression, and language abilities. Blue line stone can help strengthen expression ability, persuasion, improve speaking skills, help us express ourselves, communicate and understand others smoothly, and improve interpersonal relationships.

Strengthen creativity and bring positive energy

Wearing blue line stone can inspire wisdom, strengthen creativity and brain thinking, help get rid of negative thoughts, help us express ourselves, input positive energy to the wearer, and lead a more positive life.

Helps respiratory system

Blue line stone corresponds to the throat chakra of the human body, helping to relieve respiratory system problems and improve trachea, sore throat, respiratory system and other problems.

Helps heal the soul

Blue line stone belongs to the healing color system. In foreign countries, it is used with blue crystal to assist in the treatment of depression and insomnia. It is a crystal with psychological effects. At the same time, it also helps to eliminate past attachments, confusion and distracting thoughts, relieve inner depression, and calm positive soul and emotions.

Helps strengthen will

Blue line stone can bring confidence, enable us to face new things bravely, and be able to move towards and implement goals with firm confidence, without being affected by obstacles.

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