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Garnet Garnet|Introduction to garnet and its effects

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Garnet | Garnet introduction and garnet effects

What is Garnet?

Garnet is an equiaxed crystal with common colors including red, orange, and brown. The English word " Garnet " comes from the Latin Granatum , which means "seed". Like the pomegranate seeds of garnet, it symbolizes life and the hope of birth.

Garnet effect

Wearing garnet can have the following effects: 

Improve Qi and blood

Garnet promotes blood circulation and relieves Qi and blood weakness, especially suitable for women who are weak, afraid of colds and have insufficient Qi and blood. Garnet is therefore widely regarded as a "blood stone" that is beneficial to women.

Beauty and beauty

Garnet can help improve qi and blood and blood circulation. It can make the skin of women with dry and dull skin due to insufficient qi and blood become rosy and shiny, improving the skin.

Improve women's diseases 

Garnet corresponds to the bottom chakra of the human body and can help improve the function of the reproductive system and enhance sexual performance. It can also enhance the regeneration ability of its own cells and enable rapid wound healing. For women, garnet can effectively improve gynecological problems.

Improve vitality

The red color of garnet can help increase vitality and vitality, and regain the passion for life.

bring happiness

Garnet is the lucky stone for January and the commemorative stone for 18 years of marriage. From ancient Greek mythology to people all over the world, garnet is believed to be a symbol of love. Garnet can enhance vitality, charm and affinity, attracting happiness and eternal love.

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