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Rhodochrosite | Rhodochrosite introduction and effects of rhodochrosite

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Rhodochrosite | Rhodochrosite introduction and effects of rhodochrosite

What is rhodolite?

Rhodochrosite, whose mineralogical name is rhodochrosite, is a trigonal crystal with both radiative and cohesive energy. The name rhodonite is derived from the Greek words "rhodon " (rose) and "Chrom" (color), which is the "color of rose".
In South America, single young men and women will use rhodolite as a token of love and give it to the person they like. If the other party also likes it, they will accept the gift to express their agreement. It can be seen that rhodolite is regarded as a symbol of love.

Efficacy of rhodolite

Wearing rhodolite can have the following effects: 

Invite love and marriage

Rhodochrosite allows us to learn to cherish our true selves and face our inner emotions, thereby increasing our personal charm and helping to attract people who are truly spiritually compatible. Therefore, it is called rhodolite and only attracts "positive peach blossoms".

Build self-worth

Rhodochrosite helps establish self-value, enhances self-confidence, helps practice and action, and moves toward goals with confidence. Rhodochrosite encourages giving and selfless love, can open up the courage to face the heart, and actively pursue what you love.

Dispel negative energy

Rhodochrosite balances the energy of the heart chakra, helps dispel negative energy, and heals the trauma and loss of the soul. It is suitable for people whose heart chakra has been injured. It can release the pain accumulated in the heart, resolve shadows and fears, lead out the energy in the heart chakra, and give us the confidence to love again.

Enhance tolerance

Rhodochrosite makes people feel more tolerant. It can alleviate conflicts in communication and misunderstandings and gain more love and tolerance. It can be satisfied in the dedication of love. It is a very good stone to protect love.

Health and beauty benefits

Rhodochrosite helps the respiratory tract and blood circulation system, and also has the effect of improving skin beauty.

Precautions for wearing rhodolite (please see "Materials and Care" for general crystal precautions)
The hardness of rhodolite is 3.5-4 , which is low in hardness and easy to wear. Pay attention to avoid friction and collision when wearing it daily. It is also recommended to remove the rhodolite bracelet when exercising or moving heavy objects to avoid damage to the rhodolite.
The manganese element in rhodolite is easy to change color under ultraviolet rays and high temperature exposure, so it is not recommended to use sunlight purification methods, and try to avoid long-term exposure to high temperatures and sunlight.

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