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金曜石|綠龍晶|銀綫石 Golden Sheen Obsidian Jewelry|Seraphinite Jewelry|Hypersthene Jewelry|頸鏈.手鏈.耳環.戒指

Golden Sheen Obsidian Jewelry | Seraphinite Jewelry | Hypersthene Jewelry | Necklace. Bracelet. earrings. ring

Golden Sheen Obsidian, also known as Golden Sheen Obsidian, is a kind of obsidian with placer gold effect. The black crystals have a layer of gold-sand-like luster. In addition to obsidian's ability to ward off evil and protect yourself, gold obsidian also has the effect of attracting wealth .  Recommended link: Detailed effects of gold obsidian 

Seraphinite is produced in Siberia. Its scientific name is "clinochlorite". It has a unique texture. Its quality is dark green in color, with a bright silvery white and scale-like reflective luster.  Recommended link: Detailed effects of Green Dragon Crystal 

Hypersthene, also known as perilla pyroxene and gold luck stone , is a member of the enstatite category. Nitrogenite has parallel extinction characteristics , extremely black color, and bright and dazzling metallic eye texture .  Recommended link: Detailed effects of black silver line stone  

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