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紅紋石飾物 Rhodochrosite Jewelry|紅紋石頸鏈.手鏈.耳環

Rhodochrosite Jewelry|Rhodochrosite necklace. Bracelet. earrings

Rhodochrosite, whose mineralogical name is rhodochrosite, is a trigonal crystal with both radiative and cohesive energy. The name rhodolite is derived from Greek "rhodon " (rose) and "Chrom" (color), which is "the color of roses". In South America, single young men and women will use rhodolite as a token of love and give it to the person they like. If the other party also likes it, they will accept the gift to express their agreement. It can be seen that rhodolite is regarded as a symbol of love.

Efficacy of rhodolite

The effects of wearing rhodolite include: attracting love and marriage, establishing self-worth, dispelling negative energy, enhancing tolerance, and health and beauty. [Recommended link: More detailed effects of rhodolite ]

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