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Labradorite | Introduction to Labradorite and its effects

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Labradorite|Introduction to Labradorite and its effects

What is Labradorite?

Labradorite in English is named after the area where it was first discovered - Labrador in Canada. Labradorite belongs to the triclinic crystal system and is a collection of crystalline minerals of various elements. It will cause interference and diffraction of light. That is, when the angle of illumination is changed against the light, it will refract a halo of color, like a silky and gorgeous spectrum. , so it is called "spectral stone". In Indian culture, labradorite symbolizes the blessing of the goddess.

Labradorite effect

Wearing labradorite can have the following effects: 

Enhance insight and rational thinking

Labradorite can help enhance our perspective and insight into things, help us clarify our thinking, distinguish right from wrong, and avoid being confused by the appearance of things.

Heal trauma and transform negative energy

Labradorite can help cleanse negative energy, transform trauma or negative thinking, and face problems and the future in a positive way again, so that heart knots can be untied and the soul can grow. It can also strengthen spiritual energy and achieve a state of physical and mental balance.

physical and mental balance

Labradorite can correspond to the eighth chakra. The eighth chakra is called the "residence of the soul" and mainly refers to the higher self, soul, and divine wisdom. Labradorite helps awaken our inner spiritual consciousness, brings inner peace and stability, and achieves physical and mental balance.

Improve physical strength and endurance

For those who are prone to fatigue and often have low physical strength, labradorite can help strengthen vitality, physical strength and endurance, making people less likely to fatigue. It is also effective in soothing sore throats and relieving eye fatigue.
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