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金太陽石飾物 SUNSTONE JEWELRY|金太陽石頸鏈.手鏈.耳環.戒指

Sunstone Jewelry|Gold sunstone necklace. Bracelet. earrings. ring

golden sun stone Sunstone, also known as sunstone, belongs to the triclinic crystal system. The orange-red hematite and goethite are in the form of granules or flakes. Golden Sunstone will produce interference when exposed to light, producing a super shiny, metallic luster of placer gold, which is as intense as the sun, which is why it is named Golden Sunstone.

golden sun stone effect

wear The effects of golden sunstone include: Bring joy, good luck and partial wealth, positive thinking, strengthen confidence, new insights and understandings.  Recommended link: More detailed effects of Golden Sunstone 

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