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Exclusive customized service

. Step by step, create the most thoughtful gift for yourself/your loved one.

◆Step one: choose crystal

Our store has a large inventory of crystals, offering more than 20 types of crystals and multiple quality grades, including rare, special, and high-quality crystals.

A special Instagram stone selection area is dedicated to displaying most of the crystals available for customized jewelry. You are welcome to select the crystal that suits your needs based on crystal type, shape, size, quality, etc. and make it into pendants, bracelets, and complete sets of jewelry.

If you can't find your favorite crystal or need any assistance, please contact us.
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◆Step 2: Select knitting materials

The knitting materials used in our store include:

< 1 > High-quality 14K gold directly sent from the United States: gold/rose gold

< 2 > High-quality 925 sterling silver shipped directly from the United States

< 3 > wax thread

- More than ten colors are available, commonly used colors include: khaki, army green, blue, brown, gray, black, etc.
Material introduction

◆Step 3: Choose the braiding style of accessories

There are five major crystal weaving series in our store, including metal weaving, wax thread weaving, the combination of metal and wax thread weaving, etc. Welcome to take screenshots of the spot pictures to check the same style for customization.

*The braiding style may be limited by the size and shape of the crystal, please contact our store for advice.

Five Crystal Weaving Series

Including classic weave, special weave, pearl weave, wax thread weave, double weave series, each of which has different unique designs, welcome to take screenshots for inquiry.

◆Step 4: Contact us

We welcome all types of custom inquiries, discussions and provide custom suggestions.
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◆Step 5: Determine customization details and provide quotation

Discuss customization details with our store, including:
Suggestions on color matching, necklace thickness, chain length, matching extension chain, etc.

After integrating all the customization details, our store will provide a customization quotation for the accessories.

◆Step 6: Complete payment, production and delivery

After completing the payment, our store can complete the production and delivery of the accessories in about two weeks (under normal circumstances).

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Past customization

~ Carefully create gifts for couples and best friends, and express your feelings with your heart ~

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