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Silver Rutilated Quartz|Introduction to Silver Rutilated Quartz and its effects

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Silver Rutilated Quartz Introduction to Silver Rutilated Quartz and its effects

What is Silver Rutilated Quartz?

Silver titanium crystal, also known as black silver titanium crystal, is one of the most valuable hair crystals due to its very rare production . Silver-titanium crystals contain silver-black metallic luster strands, with vertical streaks on the cylinder. They are generally columnar, needle-shaped, flaky, radial or massive aggregates, and will sparkle under the sun . Silver-titanium crystal is a sulfide mineral of the orthorhombic crystal system, and its magnetic field energy is very strong. 

Silver titanium crystal effect

Wearing silver titanium crystals can have the following effects:

Avoid evil and evil 

The magnetic field energy of silver-titanium crystal is very strong, with strong righteousness, and has a strong effect of avoiding evil and expelling evil. It can be used as an amulet or lucky charm. Silver-titanium crystals are very effective in treating diseases, unblocking meridians, avoiding evil spirits, exorcising evil spirits from the house, etc. 

Remove black energy 

Silver titanium crystal brings strong righteousness, which can effectively " remove black energy" and keep away bad luck . 

Improve personal courage and decisiveness 

Silver titanium crystal can enhance personal courage and decisiveness, double your mobility, and make your wishes come true. 

Strengthen self-confidence and belief 

Silver titanium crystal helps eliminate tension, strengthen belief, self-confidence, and decisiveness, allowing you to open your mind and move towards your goals.

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