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Green Dragon Crystal Seraphinite|Green Dragon Crystal Introduction and Green Dragon Crystal Effects

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Green Dragon Crystal Seraphinite Introduction to Green Dragon Crystal and its effects

What is Seraphinite?

Green dragon crystal is produced in Siberia, and its scientific name is "clinochlorite" . It has a unique texture. Its quality is dark green in color, with a bright silvery white and scale-like reflective luster . 

Green dragon crystal effect 

Wearing Green Dragon Crystal can have the following effects: 

Bring good fortune and luck to noble people 

Green Dragon Crystal can help increase the concentration of wealth , attract good wealth , and help attract the appreciation and help of noble people . 

Help the cause 

Green Dragon Crystal encourages self-motivation, promotes career breakthroughs, and achieves career promotion and success . 

Improve interpersonal relationships 

Green Dragon Crystal corresponds to the heart chakra and crown chakra, helping us care about our own hearts and the real needs of those around us, bringing compassion, spirituality and humor, and increasing tolerance . 

Ease the mood 

Green Dragon Crystal helps stabilize and relieve emotions, relieve tension, anxiety, and stress, and mediate uneasy emotions . 

Improve creativity and leadership skills 

Green Dragon Crystal helps to clarify thoughts, see the truth clearly, and not be confused by appearances . 

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