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·RIPPLES · Ripples Co.

Hong Kong local magnetic buckle jewelry brand,

The aim is to bring new life to accessories with convenient magnetic closures.

At the same time, we adhere to the traditional winding and weaving technology.

Presenting the unique beauty of pearls and crystals,

Let this beauty ripple in our hearts.

Vision and mission

Make accessories more considerate and integrated into life, and enjoy accessories again

"I believe there can be more and better accessories, so I started this brand."

We all deserve it.

Brand belief

Three major beliefs keep us working hard

Quality Assurance

We specially import high-quality 14K gold-injected raw materials and 925 sterling silver made in Italy/USA directly from the United States to ensure high quality.

Intimate and convenient

With thoughtful designs and services such as magnetic clasps, customized chain lengths, and personalized customization, we hope that everyone can enjoy the accessories elegantly.

Focus on craftsmanship

Inheriting metal weaving and wax thread weaving techniques, we combine traditional craftsmanship with modernity to present it with a new feeling and new look.


We are all ripples, the beauty in the center can affect the surroundings

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