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Moonstone | Moonstone introduction and moonstone effects

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Moonstone | What is Moonstone and the benefits of moonstone 

What is moonstone ?

Moonstone is a monoclinic crystal. It is a mixture of adolite and albite to create a unique "moonlight effect". It reflects white, blue, and even colored halos like moonlight, so it is also called the moon. light stone.

Benefits of Moonstone 

Wearing moonstone can have the following effects:

Harmonize personalities

Moonstone helps us observe our own hearts, soothe restlessness, harmonize our personality, and improve our temper and negative thoughts.

Improve personal aura

Let us add a soft atmosphere and make people noble and elegant. For those who are more impulsive and outspoken, moonstone can make us soften and improve our personal aura from the inside out.

Protect love

Moonstone is called the "lover's stone" and protects love. Moonstone helps us let go of our emotions, thus easing emotional problems, improving relationships, promoting peaceful communication, and making relationships as good as before.

Enhance charm

Moonstone helps enhance your charm, trigger and show your good side, thereby attracting your life partner.

Improve insomnia

Moonstone can help focus on relaxing the body and muscles, relax tense nerves and the mind, and help you fall into a peaceful sleep.
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