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Larimar | Introduction to Larimar and its effects

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sea ​​stone Larimar Introduction to seaweed stone and its effects

What is Larimar ?

Sea-grained stone, also known as Lalima stone, has an ocean-like blue color and a blue-green and white shape. It looks like waves blooming on the sea. It is very beautiful, so it is called "sea-grained stone". This precious, semi-precious blue sodalite is produced in very rare quantities and is currently only produced in the Dominican Republic. 

Efficacy of sea grain stone 

Wearing seaweed stone can have the following effects:

 Helps relieve stress and heal the soul 

Seastone looks like the ocean and is a healing color. It can help relieve stress , eliminate obsession, confusion and distracting thoughts, relieve inner depression, and calm positive souls and emotions. It is also listed as one of the three major healing stones . 

Strengthen communication and expression skills 

Sea grain stone corresponds to the throat chakra, which represents a person's communication, expression, and language abilities. Sea grain stone can help strengthen expression ability, persuasion, improve speaking skills, help us express ourselves, communicate and understand others smoothly, and improve interpersonal relationships. 

Helps respiratory system 

Seaweed stone corresponds to the throat chakra of the human body, helping to relieve respiratory system problems and improve trachea, sore throat, respiratory system and other problems. 

bring positive energy 

Wearing seaweed stone purifies the negative energy entangled in the body and various chakras, circulates a person's energy, promotes open attitude changes and improvements, releases positive energy, rejuvenates vitality , and leads a more positive life . 

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