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Aquamarine|Aquamarine introduction and aquamarine effects

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Aquamarine Aquamarine introduction and aquamarine effects

What is Aquamarine?

Aquamarine belongs to the hexagonal crystal system, which expands energy, and its transparent blue color is like sea water. The English name combines aqua ( water ) and marine ( ocean ) , symbolizing the energy of the ocean. It has been said since ancient times that aquamarine can protect workers at sea and ensure a safe journey for travelers.

Aquamarine efficacy

Wearing aquamarine can have the following effects:

Strengthen expression skills

Aquamarine corresponds to the throat chakra, which represents a person's communication, expression, and language abilities. Aquamarine can help strengthen expression and persuasion, improve speaking skills, help us express ourselves, communicate and understand others smoothly, and improve interpersonal relationships.

Helps respiratory system

Aquamarine corresponds to the throat chakra of the human body and can help improve trachea, sore throat, respiratory system and other problems.

Helps heal the soul

Aquamarine makes people feel like they are in the tranquility of water, which helps to eliminate sadness, make people feel calm and gentle. Aquamarine possesses powerful healing, purifying, and psychic powers, coupled with the blue healing color. In foreign countries, it is used with blue crystals to assist in the treatment of depression and insomnia. It is a crystal with psychological effects.

strengthen self-confidence

Aquamarine is also a stone of courage, suitable for people who are prone to shrinking from trouble. Wearing aquamarine can strengthen confidence and enhance self-confidence.

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