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Pietersite | Introduction to Pietersite and its effects

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Pietersite | Introduction to Pietersite and its effects

What is Pietersite?

Peter's stone , whose scientific name is "brecciated falcon's eye stone ", is a variant of tiger's eye stone. The main colors of Peter stone are blue, brown, brown, yellow and other colors. It is brecciated due to formation pressure . Several colors are evenly pressed into textures, showing wavy or spiral patterns. It has a silk luster and is like an oil painting. It is top grade. The unique wavy texture of Peterite resembles a storm, as well as natural scenery such as the earth, ocean, and volcanoes , so it is called a storm gem . 

Peter stone effect 

Wearing Peter Stone can have the following effects: 

develop personal potential 

Peterite is also known as the "King" crystal. It has the effect of developing potential and inspiring courage , making you more courageous to face adversity, or brave to explore new fields, and enhance your fearless spirit. 

Balance wheel position 

Peter Stone has the effect of opening and balancing various chakras, overall enhancing the energy of the body, mind and soul, balancing the inner self, and increasing spiritual vitality. The effect of Peter Stone is not targeted at one chakra, but has a balancing and strengthening effect. 

Strengthen communication and expression skills 

Blue Peter stone corresponds to the throat chakra, which helps to strengthen expression ability, persuasion, improve interpersonal relationships, and enhance eloquence . 

Remove negative energy 

Blue Peter stone helps remove negative inner energy, such as fear, confusion, confusion, and anger, allowing you to think more clearly, face difficulties head-on, and face them bravely. 

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