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天河石|彼得石|其他Pietersite Jewelry|Crystals Jewelry|頸鏈.手鏈.耳環.戒指

Amazonyte|Pietersite|Other|Crystals Jewelry|Necklace.Bracelet.Earrings.Ring

Pietersite , scientific name "brecciated falcon's eye ", is a variant of tiger's eye. The main colors of Pietersite are blue, brown, brown, yellow and other colors, which are brecciated due to formation pressure. Several colors are evenly pressed into textures, showing wavy or spiral patterns, silky luster, and oil painting-like top grade. The unique wavy texture of Pietersite is like a storm, and the natural scenery such as the earth, ocean, volcano, etc. , so it is called the storm gem .  Recommended link: Detailed functions of Pietersite 

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