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Sunstone|Introduction to Sunstone and its effects

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golden sun stone Sunstone Introduction to Golden Sunstone and its Effects

What is Sunstone?

Golden sunstone, also known as sunstone, belongs to the triclinic crystal system. The orange-red hematite and goethite are granular or flake-shaped. Golden Sunstone will produce interference when exposed to light, producing a super shiny, metallic luster of placer gold, which is as intense as the sun, which is why it is named Golden Sunstone.

Golden sun stone effects

Wearing Golden Sunstone can have the following effects: 

Resolve depression and think positively

Golden Sunstone is the stone of the rising sun, a stone that dispels all darkness and brings light and positivity. Release accumulated emotional stress, relieve trauma, balance emotional energy, bring joy or positive thinking.

Enhance self-confidence

Golden Sunstone enhances self-worth and relieves irrational fears, deep confusion and self-doubt. Powerful positive energy like the sun is beneficial to strengthen confidence, courage, sprint, explosive power, etc.

Enhance brain function and vitality

Golden Sunstone can bring in-depth insights and understanding, and is helpful for logic, rationality, organization, system, calculation, memory, reasoning, and is beneficial for memorizing exams, office work, investment and financial management. Golden sun stone corresponds to the navel chakra, which can improve blood circulation and hormone secretion, strengthen physical strength and muscle vitality.

Recruit noble people, good luck, wealth

Gold sunstone can bring good luck, attract noble people, and enhance interpersonal relationships. At the same time, it can also bring good luck and partial wealth, and its energy is almost comparable to that of titanium crystal.

ward off evil spirits

The golden sun stone is an extremely righteous crystal. It has positive and powerful energy like the sun. It can remove all unclean things, ward off evil spirits and block evil spirits, block the invasion of external negative energy, and also help people who are guilty of Tai Sui turn into evil spirits. .

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