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Golden Lepidolite | Introduction to Golden Lepidolite and Effects of Golden Lepidolite 

What is Golden Lepidolite?

Golden lepidolite is golden lepidolite, also known as golden emerald or golden dragon mica. Golden lepidolite is a type of mica jade with a very small output. The golden crystals with special patterns look noble and generous, and also look like a golden dragon circling, which has a very good meaning. 

Golden Lepidolite Effect 

Wearing gold lepidolite can have the following effects: 

Help with wealth 

Gold lepidolite attracts positive and partial wealth, gathers wealth, and effectively enables the wearer to create wealth and increase wealth . 

strengthen self-confidence 

Golden lepidolite helps strengthen personal self-confidence and courage, and spiritual growth, allowing us to face difficulties step by step with ease . 

Bring new ideas and hope 

Golden lepidolite helps to double your decision-making ability, think clearly , respond correctly when problems arise , and bring new ideas and hope . 

Good for gastrointestinal health 

Golden lepidolite corresponds to the sun chakra, and its energy provides relief and protection to the liver, stomach, gallbladder and other organs . 

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