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Hypersthene|Introduction to Hypersthene and its effects

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Hypersthene | Introduction to Hypersthene and its effects

What is Hypersthene?

Nitrogenite, also known as perilla pyroxene and gold luck stone , is a member of the enstatite category. Nitrogenite has parallel extinction characteristics , an extremely black color, and a bright and dazzling metallic eye texture . 

Black silver line stone effect 

Wearing black silver line stone can have the following effects: 

Avoid evil and evil 

Black silver line stone can be used as an amulet and amulet. It has a strong effect of warding off evil spirits and transforming evil spirits. It can avoid the interference of negative energy and help absorb and eliminate negative energy such as stress, fatigue, turbidity and so on. 

Prevent villains from being right and wrong , and get rid of evil spirits 

The black and silver thread stones have the effect of preventing disasters, preventing bad people, blocking right and wrong , staying away from bad luck , and reducing the situation of "black boys". 

Improve courage and courage 

Black silver line stone corresponds to the root chakra , which can enhance personal courage and decisive personality, increase courage and vitality, and double your mobility. 

Helps grow wealth 

The black silver thread stone attracts positive and partial wealth, attracts wealth and gathers Qi, and effectively creates wealth and wealth growth. 

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