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Wearing necklaces and bracelets elegantly | The necessity of magnetic clasps | Integrating accessories into life

Wearing necklaces and bracelets elegantly | The necessity of magnetic clasps | Integrating accessories into life

Details affect mood

When we get up every day and dress up carefully, we need to wear beautiful and matching accessories. But we often encounter the problem of difficulty in wearing bracelets and necklaces. I can clearly see that the bracelet button is close at hand, but I can't close it. The neck chain button is behind my neck, and I can't see the button, so the distance is always a little bit off. When the wearer breaks down, if there is no one around to help put it on, he will even give up the accessories and go out, and his mood will become melancholy early in the morning. 

Prehnite magnetic clasp bracelet

The Necessity of Magnetic Buckle Accessories Integrate into Life 


In the past, buttoning up a button always required a bit of struggle and a bit of luck. However, Ripples focuses on the wearer's experience . The necklaces and bracelets are thoughtfully equipped with magnetic clasps. Whether it is put on or taken off, it can be completed in 1 second , making us feel more relaxed , comfortable and stylish when wearing them. Ripples uses high-quality 14K gold-injected strong magnetic magnetic buckles and open buckles directly sent from the United States , striving for quality, so there is no need to worry about the magnetic buckles falling off. 

Ripples ’ view on accessories is : “ Accessories embellish the appearance and should also be integrated into life. ” Accessories that do not hinder life are good accessories. In addition to the magnetic buckle for easy wearing, Ripples also focuses on the needs of each user . Chain products all provide customized chain length services , so you can find the most suitable accessories for any body type . 


Does it deserve an extension chain ? 


Another detail you can choose is whether to have an extension chain or not, depending on whether the length of your choker bracelet needs to be adjusted . Ripples usually recommends that necklaces be equipped with extension chains, so that the necklace can be adjusted according to the different necklines of the shirts every day ; while bracelets are not recommended to be equipped with extension chains, just customize a bracelet chain length that is just right, and you can save a " The annoying situation of always holding the extension chain in the palm of your hand . 

Gold Sun Double Chain Magnetic Clasp Bracelet

Of course, preferences vary from person to person , and many customers also choose to order a fixed necklace length to avoid the trouble of extending the chain. 

Pearl Magnetic Buckle Necklace

If you choose an extension chain , Ripples will add a spring opening buckle next to the magnetic buckle . Before wearing it, use the spring to adjust the length , and then use the magnetic buckle to gently put on the jewelry . 

Colorful Tourmaline Magnetic Buckle Necklace

Ripples aims to provide convenient accessories and hopes that women can have accessories that are more comfortable and feel more perfect . If you have any needs , our store also provides options other than magnetic buckles such as spring buckles , IO buckles , fishtail buckles, pearl buckles , etc. Please contact us for enquiries . 

pearl necklace

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