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How to demagnetize crystal jewelry?

How to demagnetize crystal jewelry?

There are many methods for crystal degaussing on the market, but are all of them suitable for crystal ornaments? Can different crystal ornaments use the same degaussing method? 


The biggest difference between crystal jewelry and crystal is that in addition to the maintenance of the crystal itself, there are also jewelry materials that need attention. There are also many materials for crystal ornaments. There are 4 types of materials made in our store, including K gold, sterling silver, wax wire and imitation leather rope. So, what degaussing methods are suitable for different crystal ornaments? 


Recommended degaussing method for crystal ornaments: Purify with broken crystals/crystal clusters/crystal columns 


This is the most convenient, simple and effective purification method, applicable to all crystal ornaments, and also avoids the potential damage to crystal ornaments caused by other purification methods. 


Recommended practices: 

Broken crystals - Pour the broken crystals into a box or container, then place the crystal ornaments on top or cover the crystal ornaments, and purify for several hours to one night. 

Crystal Cluster/Crystal Pillar - Place crystal ornaments directly on or over them to purify for several hours to overnight. Note : There are sharp peaks in crystal clusters. Please be careful when placing the crystal on the crystal clusters to avoid scratches caused by collisions between crystal ornaments and crystal clusters. 



Is cleaning and degaussing crystal jewelry the same? 


Crystal jewelry needs care, cleaning, and purification and demagnetization. The purpose of the two is different. Cleaning is to clean the entire ornament to keep it beautiful for a long time; while purification and degaussing is to replenish the energy of the crystal itself and balance the energy of the crystal. 


Should crystal jewelry be cleaned or demagnetized first? 


After daily wear, it is recommended to clean the jewelry first, and then place the crystal jewelry on the broken crystal/crystal cluster/crystal column for about one night. Make sure the jewelry is dry and store it properly and independently to avoid a humid environment. 


This order is the most convenient, allowing you to consistently maintain and purify at the same time. 



When is it necessary to purify and degauss? 

If you cannot maintain and purify it after every wearing, just pay attention to the following situations where purification is more necessary. 


  1. After purchase

Crystal jewelry may have been touched by different staff before being purchased; therefore, crystals should be purified after purchase. 


  1. after being touched by others 

When crystal jewelry is touched by others, its energy may be affected. Therefore, purchased crystals should be purified after being touched by others. 


  1. Entering and exiting places with relatively turbid magnetic fields

The magnetic fields of hospitals, graveyards, funeral parlors and other places are relatively negative, and crystals should be purified after entering and exiting. 


  1. Experiencing negative emotions/things

The wearer himself will have negative energy, so he must purify the crystal regularly, such as degaussing it every night before going to bed to enhance the energy of the crystal.

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